Syed, 26
i joint Henry pitman as my personal trainer 2 months ago to make me fit active and healthy and he has done it very nicely as i used to feel so lazy and tired all the time and was not able to do anything hard but just after 2 months training with him i am so healthy active and can do any hard work easily! thanks to Henry Pitman to train me friendly and very well. Best trainer ever..!!!
i had one session with henry and i was very impressed. he was knowledgeable and caring during our session and took into consideration my various health problems. he checked that i was doing the exercise correctly before moving on and if i was not comfortable with that particular exercise, he adapted it to one i could manage. he answered my text/email questions promptly and in a friendly manner. i would highly recommend henry.
Anastasia, 22
I started training with Henry a couple of months ago in order to get stronger, better and healthy. I also happen to have a back injury, which sometimes can cause problems and interfere with my training as it can make me feel less motivated to carry on. And that is a problem a lot of people out there face every day, each one for a different reason. However, since I started training with Henry, my body has gotten stronger and my technique has gotten much better, since he always emphasises on that. He has never let me do something which might result into an injury, or he might believe I am not yet ready to do it. He is supportive and energetic as he will never let you exercise on your own, without the proper guidance and for me that is vital. I can also feel my back getting stronger, as well as my entire body, since I am able to do things I could not do before. Training with Henry has made me feel better about myself, in and outside of the gym. It has filled me with self confidence, motivation and has brought me one step closer into achieving my goals. He is knowledgeable and vibrant. Overall, he is a charismatic individual who has a passion for his job and will help you get the results you are looking for.
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