apple cider vinegar

Recently, there has been a great deal of press on apple cider vinegar. You might already have heard of it being used in the context of some medieval-sounding remedy from your grandmother. You might also have seen it reported on in this season’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor. The basic take home message: “So cider vinegar probably won’t help anyone slim down, but it may help those who struggle with their blood sugar or cholesterol levels”.

It’s a simple strategy that goes towards beating health conditions such as diabetes. It could also mean faster post-workout recoveries (see point #4) by getting the energy from what you eat to your muscles faster. This also means that any excess you eat gets shuttled to your fat stores faster too. If you’re concerned about that though then here’s another simple one for you: Don’t overeat. Huzzah! Simple strategies galore!

Suggestion for Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Technically, you need to time your cider vinegar around carb intake. I would recommend thinking about it in a different way: Add cider vinegar to your cooking. Get used to cooking with it. You can easily knock up a full pan of stir-fried vegetables with a level tablespoon of it. It’s not the daily two tablespoon amount suggested used in the Trust Me I’m a Doctor study but it’s little and often and that’s what counts the most. Try a squeeze of fresh lemon to compliment it nicely.

In what ways do you make cider vinegar a regular part of your diet?
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